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The PSA promotes the health, safety and well-being of users of health and social care services and is recognised as being in the forefront of health regulation worldwide.

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Accredited Registers Programme

Play Therapy is effective for between 74% and 83% when delivered to PTUK standards Check out the research details.


Welcome to the register of Play and Creative Arts Therapists

This is the first register, for Play Therapists, accredited under a Programme set up in 2012 by the Department of Health and administered by an independent body, accountable to Parliament. This means that members of the public and employers can choose a Play Therapist, a Practitioner in Therapeutic Play Skills or a Filial Play Coach belonging to a register accredited by the Professional Standards Authority, for Health and Social Care (PSA).

Accredited by and managed by Play Therapy United Kingdom.

To find out more about our management click HERE.
  • People on our register meet PTUK's standards for safe and effective practice. This is especially important for working with the most vulnerable client group, children.
  • It enables members of the public and employers to find practitioners easily and to understand what they offer.
  • It provides an assurance of high quality practice.
  • It provides commissioners with additional assurance when placing contracts for services for working with children's social, emotional, behaviour and mental health problems.
  • All Registrants are checked for fitness to practice at least once a month
  • All Registrants must be able to produce their PTUK photo ID card to prove their Register status. Please ask to see it!
Play Therapy is effective for many emotional, behaviour and mental health problems - see list

The severity of the problems take into account the child's well-being and ability to function normally. Our Registrants also use a straightforward psychometric questionnaire to quantify the severity of the problems.


You may search the register for:
  • A Registrant's details by name

  • For Registrants near you using postcode, city/town county or country
You may also qualify your search according to the severity of the child's problems, if you wish.

When you have found a name, you can then click on it to see more details of the Registrant.